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Get the best China games for your phone!

»Cultivation 3 (RPG)
»Magic Robbery (ARPG)
»End of the Temple (RPG)
»Role - Pet 6 (RPG)
»Pet World (RPG)
»Secret History 3D (RPG)
Robot (ARPG)
»Super Mario 4 (Adv)
»2012 End Ri Legend (ARPG)
»Dragon World 3 (ARPG)
»Jian Romance (RPG)
»KOF Champion 2012 (ARPG)
»Sword of Fate (ARPG)
»Engulfed Heaven (ARPG)
»Mega Man 5 (Action)
»Magic and Road (MMORPG)
»Swallowed Demons (ARPG)
»Counter Strike 2 (Action)
»Star Legend (ARPG)
»Contra 2013 (Action)
»War Crisis 3D (Shooting)
»5 Kingdoms Seal (ARPG)
»Law of Value (ARPG)
»Atudelatia (ARPG)
»Ghost Hegemony (RPG)
»Magic Happening (ARPG)
»Dark Prequel (ARPG)
»Gongsun Sword (ARPG)
»Zero Fantasies (ARPG)
»Metal Slug 2013 (Action)
»Dungeon Hero (ARPG)
»KO Fighting (Fights)
»King of Fighters '10 (Fights)
»Crazy North (RPG)
»Crazy Fruit Kart (Racing)
»Pirate King 2 (ARPG)
»Pet Babys 2 (RPG)
»Seal Apocalypse (ARPG)
»Crystal Wings (RPG)
»Crystal Wings II (RPG)
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